Monday, December 29, 2008

Elegance of the Jellyfish

DSC00580Astonishing sight as I aimed my camera towards the animal. I know I will never fail a good shot. It's like taking pictures of the clouds in summer days or of the hazel sunset in the afternoon. Well, I share this credits with the Dubai Mall Management for this pictures obviously.

Jellyfish, or Sea Jellies are made up mostly of water. There are over 200 species within just the class of scyphozoans, the most popular being the saucer shaped Moon Jelly, Aurelia aurita, and all are marine free-swimming medusa.

While these species are not that harmful they can still inflict little amount of sting. A jellyfish's body is made up of two layers, in between is a jellylike substance. Jellyfish posses  no distinct head, digestive or structural organs, and all possess Cnidae, which are specially modified stinging cells also called nematocyst.

DSC00583 DSC00585 DSC00586
DSC00587 DSC00588 DSC00584

Just incase you get in contact with the nasty ones, douse stings with vinegar and apply ice for pain. IMMEDIATE medical attention may be required for severe reactions.

Jellyfish feed on small plankton animals that they capture within their tentacles. Freshly hatched and enriched brine shrimp, Artemia, has been the substitute for plankton.

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lawrencevon said...

wow. i wish our ocean park would have jellies soon. :)

fifi said...

love these pics.